Company’s vision is to develop relations with customers in all over the world by providing to them quality products and in time delivery and within a given time frame. We  provide after sale services to our customers day by day and time to time. We are committed for continuous improvement in the quality and the service that we provide to our valuable customers by, starting from the very beginning. We are having a large production facility in our in-house chain production system manned with skilled persons to ensure the quality, timely deliveries and regular supplies. The economies of scale at our large stitching unit enable us to provide quality products at competitive prices to our valuable customers.



  • Improving quality through modern techniques
  • Main emphasis on quality
  • Fulfilling customer requirements in production, processing & service
  • Minimizing rework and rejection rate
  • We always feel pleasured and honored serving our valuable customer to the utmost satisfaction with our Quality Assured Product.
  • We take responsibility of our customer order collectively as well as individually.
  • We are driven by our commitment, integrity and ethics.
  • We are committed to our customers, our organization and to each other for achieve our business long term goals.
  • Real time information is our business tool to manage and implement all our organization goals.